Last night the Carl Hall Gallery at the Hallie Ford Museum reopened after being closed some months for a remodel of the space and a rehanging of the collection.  Too much schmoozing on my part got in the way of photos, but if you are out and about, take a look.  It’s very elegant and a wonderful visual narrative on regional work.  The only photo I took was of Dirctor John Olbrantz making a few remarks before the doors were opened:

This weekend I’m off to Sisters for a few days with four Seattle quilters.  We’re taking a “solids” quilting workshop from Gwen Marston.  This will be a challenge for me because solids always seem sort of dead to me

It’s the patterns and the plaids and the combinations I really love:

I have one little piece I made out at Cynthias last year that might be the starting point, or maybe not:


  1. I actually made this BEFORE I took a workshop last summer with the Gee’s Be4nd ladies. They were terrific and inspirational. I appreciate the comment!

  2. Gorgeous! What is about fabrics that bring about the nostalgia of button boxes and Grandmother’s laps, and picnics? Cut it apart, put it back together and new stories are told! Have a wonderful weekend!

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