First Thursday…

Up to Portland for a street car ride from the south waterfront to the Pearl, dinner at Silk and then over to Blackfish Gallery for the Paul Missal/Nancy Lindburg/Bill Owen show.  It has now been officially confirmed…if I’m schmoozing I can’t take good pictures.  But, here you go.  The show was mostly Paul and featured a range of very illusionistic paintings but the center piece was the big horse painting.  I remember well when Paul was painting it in the 1970’s.  First he painted the horse’s skeleton, then added the circulatory system, then muscles, etc.  The painting has just been purchased by the Portland Art Museum.

Additionally Paul was showing with two “friends” Bill Owen

and one of my favorite paintings of Bill’s is one that looked like a cookie plate (…did I miss some dessert???)

and Nancy Lindburg.  Nancy is not only a terrific painter but in her years at the Oregon Arts Commission her support of artists in Oregon was phenomenal.

Sorry about the photos–I’m thinking about concentrating harder.  Go see the show.

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