City Moment…

Just into the city for overnight but long enough to visit the home of great coffee…the original Stumptown on Division

Even at 7:00 a.m. and in a paper cup they make a beautiful coffee and then I saw a quonset remodel of note.  These pictures are both out of focus due to the low lght, so I’ll make them small and then…on to the quilting saga…


  1. It’s funny…in the previous post you mention an “annex” – have you been to the Stumptown Annex on Belmont? If not, you should visit it and be sure to participate in a cupping! The variety in single-origin coffees is astounding, and the comparative approach in such a cupping the best way to illuminate that variety.

  2. No I haven’t been to the Stumptown Annex but will go next Tuesday for sure when I’m in town. Salem has only one Stumptown vendor (take note Salemites…”Salem’s Latte” a drive-through at 2376 State ST behind Jori-Zan’s piercing parlor…You might recognize Carrie from the old Arbor Cafe days…and she sells Stumptown by the pound…check it out).

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