Last Sunday four Seattle-ites swooped into town and we all took off east over the mountains for a two day workshop with famous quilter Gwen Marston.  She was teaching the workshop in the back room at the WONDERFUL Sisters’ fabric shop called The Stitchin’ Post.

After a bit of a lecture and “show and tell” of her own work, we all set to work and in short order had the room looking pretty good

We had all brought projects and here’s the short version:

Tina went for “liberated log cabins” and so did Mary

Sally had brought a piece of applique and she used Gwen’s “liberated triangle” method to build her piece:

LeeAnn had an idea based on Sujata’s quilt but Gwen convinced her to cut the strips up:

I had a bunch of old clothes–some shirts, an old Laura Ashley dress from 1980–

it was Colddddd in Sisters

and there’s wild life right in town

but we had a ton of fun and headed home in the snow: