LIVING THE CREATIVE LIFE: Carolyn Schneider and “The Lost Coast”

Sunday was another sunny day and we headed north across the Golden Gate to Fort Bragg (about 10 miles north of Mendocino).  They call it the “Lost Coast” for reasons I don’t know but it IS a hike–four hours from any airport etc.  It rained and poured the day I was there so I have no coastal shots either, but here goes:

I admit to quilting the whole way in the car, not taking even one photo of the gorgeous drive through wine country and redwoods.  Bill had the welcome mat rolled out for us though:

After fortification we headed out to the studio:

Carolyn’s studio is the entire second floor of the barn where I fell in love with the floor.  Carolyn painted the circles when she first arrived in Ft. Bragg about 2 years ago–sort of a “rite of passage” into a new “culture.”

Carolyn and I worked all evening and the next day–she on some collages, me on a tiny quilt top for her to take on a coming trip east to have some “handwork”.  I hadn’t brought any “paint clothes” but next visit we plan to just wreck havoc up there making stuff.

(Look at this cute WHITE featherweight!!)  We found a box of tiny fabric samples from the 1940’s which I tried to make into something:

Chef Bill meanwhile kept us supplied with DELICIOUS meals:

creamed morrels on toast…yum…

But alas..we had to go back in the sheeting rain, through the redwoods, winding around the vineyard hills, through the rainbow tunnel and

back to the city.  I’ve returned refreshed, and reminded what a treasure it is to have a good friend with whom one sees eye to eye.


  1. Surely the greatest treasure there is…what fortunate women you are, to have one another’s friendship and your marvelous talents to share.

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