San Francisco briefly…

Well I failed utterly in getting secret photos of the two big shows I went to see…there are LOTS of guards at the de Young Museum and at SFMOMA…and they don’t fool around.  Let me just say though, that both the Luc Tuymans show (at SFMOMA) and the Amish quilt show (at the de Young) were well worth the trip south.

The trip began with a great view of the nice Jack Portland mural on the way down to the Horizon gate at PDX.

After getting settled at the Hotel

and catching up over a glass of wine, Carolyn and I walked to Rocco’s for dinner.

On the way back we past this (out of focus but cute) cart which was selling French food and had a movie screen set up with “Black Orpheus” playing:

The next day was bright and sunny and we dashed to the deYoung Museum to see the Amish quilt show where we learned there was a whole group of Illinois quilters from Arthur, Illinois.  The quilts were all beautiful in conception and execution and I apologize for not getting even one illegal shot.  We had lunch at the deYoung which included our two coffees:

and headed to SFMOMA where the one illegal photo I managed to take was, in fact, a place where they were letting people photograph.

After a few hours at the Luc Tuymans show we had another coffee and trotted back to the hotel for the long discussion and summary of things seen and ideas formed.  Carolyn and I have been making art together since the 7th grade and have a pretty good system worked out…


  1. Love the food truck! What did you think of the deYoung – as architecture? It’s by a Swiss firm.

    Standing by for the next installment.

  2. I loved it. R and I were there a few years ago and loved the exhibition spaces, though found the “program” very odd (“where are the restrooms, where’s the entrance, how do we get out??? Why is the coatroom in the basement????”) Almost the best part is sitting in the cafe which has metal “shades” punctured with dots–palm trees outside. This time though they’ve put up a big tent outside for more diners and that’s where we sat on a beautiful sunny day…I don’t care for the tower though the view is nice–GG bridge. It’s kind of a fake building around the real building which is disconcerting. The long low mass of the museum is good though.

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