Progress Report…

A good day in the studio…things are beginning to come together.  The show that opens May 7th will feature 2 1/2 months of my work as the artist in residence in the Annex Studio, and I’m kind of amazed at how much I’ve done.  Twenty works on paper are being framed, 8 paintings are more or less done, 5 “peels” are almost ready

and today I put grommets on the two wax and graphite pieces (wisteria/north side)

PLUS I got about midway on the “Park Blocks”…a couple of weeks ago Jon Colburn sanded the blocks for me

and the painting is proceeding

Friday, Saturday and Sunday though is the Friends of Bush Gardens Plant Sale…a big fund raiser for the fantastic group that keeps the Park so beautiful.  Today the tents started going up in the parking lot

which means I have to be scarce for a few days.  Tomorrow to Portland on a quilting run, and Friday I execute the last of the pieces for the show…off site (and I’m not giving any hints, except it will be a whole new thing for me…better come see).

The park is a miracle, and though I’ve been walking it for years, “living” in it is a whole different thing.  If your garden needs some plants, come on down!


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