A Quilting sort of day…

Yesterday Kay and I went to Portland for a day of fabric and fun…a beautiful spring day…no coats were needed.  First we stopped in Lake Oswego at a good fabric store called the Pine Needle (no photo, alas), had lunch at the old Papa Haydn’s on Milwaukee, and headed up to Alberta street.  We stopped at Modern Domestic to check out a new phenomenon:

They have two big sewing rooms with tons of machines and you can come in for $10 per hour, bring your project, sew, maybe meet some people.  Kind of the new century twist on the old quilting bee.  They sent us to Bolt which they felt was the “best fabric store in Portland” and we will admit to a few purchases:

Alberta Street has a wealth of shopping ops and after a few more stops we had a coffee moment and headed over to Albina Press where we knew we could get a beautiful coffee…always important to one of us.  We grabbed our coffees and went outside to spread out our fabrics and imagine future projects:

After a trip to Anthopologie and a few lettuce wraps with a glass of wine, we headed to PNCA for the meeting of the Portland Modern Quilt Guild.  The Guild’s Portland chapter is just forming and last night they had a potholder exchange

Everyone brought a potholder in a plain brown wrapper, and then grabbed one out of the pot and unwrapped it.  Next you were to wander around and find the person who got your potholder.  A show and tell followed with each person introducing the maker of the potholder they received.  It was fun:

I admit, since we were from “AWAY” we cheated…I got Kay’s and she got mine…but I forgot to take photos of those.  More later on that.

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