Coming Down the Home Stretch…

This blog is at (only) slight risk of becoming the Roger Hull PR department, but tomorrow is the last day of the HULLabaloo season.  Graduation.  After 40 hard years of work they’re allowing him to graduate at last.  Today Roger was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa honorary and gave a very interesting talk

about how his way of “seeing” developed.  He spoke of seeing an Ad Reinhardt painting “Black on Black” in 1962 at the Seattle World’s Fair.  He knew nothing about art, he had no “baggage,” and though his initial reaction was one of puzzlement, he began to see (and sense) something more.

Tomorrow the last official ceremony of 40 years, outside, under a tent, bag pipes.  I think I’m in the VIP section j ust this once so expect some pictures and THEN back to street trees and artists and other things.  Tonight though…a toast…

lover, friend, teacher guide…here’s to a long life.


  1. Jeez, Bonnie, that shot of Roger and the final martini (bar at La Capitale?) nearly had me in tears. And actually DID give me chills when I recalled the beginning I shared so long ago just the other day. Loving congratulations to both of you, K

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