Clifford Gleason

Here are some images assembled.  Sally Judd (Lawrence) did a lot to keep Clifford working and alive at the end of his life, and it was at her gallery in Portland we first met him n the 1970’s.  Too bad we didn’t ask him the “big” questions:

Clifford in about 1977

the young Clifford with the original Bush School WPA murals (now at N. Salem High School), c.1940

The missing painting…


  1. Have not seen the ‘missing’ painting, but I have a painting by Clifford that only a few have seen, as I acquired it from him directly from his easel (he said it was finished?) as he needed the money at the time and needed the sale. He was a friend who I saw occasionally having met him through Kay Hatfield, and had run into him in Portland at a tavern in the Fall of 1965. Painting is unsigned (typical of Clifford)l 39 H by 40 W abstract. I would be happy to share the image with those who know his work.

  2. bon, someone i met at the high street gallery opening dec 3 wrote “Clifford Gleason” on a napkin and gave it to me. i’m such a nervous norvous at openings i can’t remember why or who, but i looked him up on the web this morning, and guess what i found in …”On The Way”. happy to connect the man to some of the pictures of his i also found on the web. i love his colorful, seemingly simple paintings!

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