We’ve been getting the garden ready to be on the Gilbert House Garden Tour next Friday and Saturday, June 4 & 5.  I’ve noticed I’m a slower and creakier gardener than I was in 2002, maybe there are more weeds, but it looks okay.  Better come and see all the gardens, many of them in our Court Chemeketa Residential Historic District, and raise money for a good cause…our terrific children’s museum (located in a pair of old houses.)

Last week I visited my garden mentor Irene Longaker to see her two spectacular displays… of the geranium Roxanne and the rose arbor in the back garden:

…and then I came home where I have held prisoner ever since weeding and weeding and weeding.  Truth to tell, Irene (what a GOOD mentor) came and helped me one day.  She noted that the garden is awfully big…

and here’s the plus…the NYTimes fooday this week had an article on burgers so here is our entry:

lamb burger with caramelized onion and mushrooms, topped with arugula, on tuscan bread with mustard.  YUM!!


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