Project Space 3

Project Space is about to be up and running again.  This will be the third year and it looks like a sensational summer ahead.  The space this year that has been donated by Roger Carmen, is the old Metropolitan store at 150 Liberty NE.  There will be three big exhibits, each a month long, plus many artists working in the space all summer doing a variety of projects.  The first show opens Wednesday night (“First Wednesday”) and will feature a constructed piece by Rosalynn and Adam Rothstein, made of cardboard tubes.  They were just starting to set up when I was down there the other day…looks intriguing:

meanwhile, up on the mezzanine some of the 12 artists invited to use the studio space this summer met to talk about space, time and projects

Pictured left to right are Marilyn Krug, Barbara Rowland, Layne Young, Jennifer Gimzewski’s back, Kathy Dinges, Barry Shapiro, Cynthia Herron and Elizabeth Bauman (the empty chair was me).  Looks like a lively summer ahead.

At the opening there will be a new music/dance improvisation featuring music by Mike Nord and dance by his collaborator Makoto Matsushima.  Better come down and take a look!


  1. The tube art project is WONDERFUL! Would love to get down to see in in person. Is it up for the whole month of June?

  2. So does this mean you’re one of the artists doing an installation this summer, too? Yikes, only one week to try to get over to Salem to see your show…

  3. No thank goodness…no installation, but I am working with three other artists doing a collaboration called “Side by Side”..working together doing several things…in August. I’ve felt very good about the Bush Barn show…it has a couple of directional “arrows” for me…and in fact I’ve got several nice “new” (last two weeks) pieces so I’m off and running. It’s what you hope yes?? One show kicking you to the next thing…

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