Living the Creative Life: Jonathan Bucci

Jonathan’s day job is as collections curator at the HFMA, but in his REAL life he’s an artist.  We did a studio visit to see the rest of the oregano series (one currently on view in the Mayor’s Invitational) and see the new work, both two and three dimensional.

Jonathan has converted the garage into a studio work space and the work is there to see.  He began a series of oil stick drawings/paintings which started with a piece of oregano from his own garden, and the desire to draw:

He’s well into the series now, with no end in sight??  And here are some of the images:

and my favorite (tho not a good photo)

The studio has a good feel and all my FAVORITE areas…

The sculpture is wonderful with my personal favorite being this little heart

while Roger favored this one which he refers to as a “beach tool”

Watch for him.


  1. great images!! Jonathan’s work is exceptionally wonderful. His sculpture is great and now I’ve seen more of his paintings! He is on my Top Five Favorite artists list. thank you, Bonnie.

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