On Saturday, before it got tooo hot, we headed to west Salem to David & Coralee Rhoten’s to see David’s Garden, open that day for the Hardy Plant Society members.  The garden was designed in 1992 to compliment the earlier plan of local plantsman Ernie Iufer for the 1956 house.  The “new” garden built by David flows downhill from the original house and lot by virtue of a second  lot below having been added.  Here’s the plan:

view from the top, near #9

#8, the wisteria arbor

#3 the waterfall and pond

#3 barn/pump house

compost bin

Though in the early 90’s David did a lot of the work himself, he now relies on two part time gardeners to keep everything looking good.  A beautiful oasis anytime, but especially on a hot summer morning