Living the Creative Life: Nan Happ

Nan is a woman of many talents, a person who has reinvented herself several times since I first met her…children’s librarian, crafts person, retailer extraordinaire.  I showed up for coffee today and at the spur of the moment she let me take photos of some of the collections she lives with daily (but we hadn’t planned ahead for this, so no telling what I would have found if I came with an “announced mission.”)

Nan opened a terrific store in 1992 with her business partner Mary Grace West, THE ARBOR,  mainstay of homes and weddings and birthdays and good aesthetic sense in Salem for nearly 20 years.  (If you somehow missed The Arbor on State, better check it out at 367 State Street.)

Well, I got started taking a few photos of some of the art works of mine that Nan and George own

and we went from there.  So here goes…collections interestingly arranged and arrayed

and over the tub:

…and collections have to be stored and organized so I got to peek into the closets

…metal things…


…books and ginger jars…

…a room with a view…

…and one last collection, identical to the collection I have at home of the very same items!!!

Go see Nan at the Arbor on State…


  1. I love all these collections, but am eternally grateful that I am not the person who has to dust and chase cobwebs at Nan’s house!

  2. Oh My…those lanterns over the tub put a song in my heart this fine morning! Absolutely gorgeous!

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