Marge Riley

We heard this morning that Marge Riley has died…slipping away quietly after a long and productive life.  Marge supported numerous Oregon artists and arts institutions, and in addition was a lively and interesting person.  Collector, advocate, friend.

A few years ago Marge donated a large part of her art collection to the Hallie Ford Museum of Art and here she was on the day the packers came to spirit the work away.  She said she wasn’t sad, but relieved that all the things she had loved for years would have a good home.

For years Marge was great friends with the Portland painter Charles Heaney, and they often took drives to scout possible locations for paintings.  Mr. Heaney was also a calligrapher and for many years Marge kept this calligraphy motto close at hand:

Marge presented Roger and me with this motto, and I keep it near computer & phone, heeding the advice from both as best I can.

Goodbye Marge, happy travels…

(Painting called “Virginia City Street” by Charles Heaney, now in the collection of the Hallie Ford Museum of Art as a gift of Marge Riley.)


  1. Thanks Larry and Justine. Marge Riley was a force of nature, and a very lovely one. I’ll get the title of this Heaney painting and post it tomorrow.

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