Delicious Summer Fare

Here’s my absolute favorite.  Roasted tomatoes on pasta, serve with a green salad.

If possible farm tomatoes, in this case the wonderful golden nuggets from our CSA box

Cut in half and array in an oiled pan

cover with pesto…homemade if possible though in this case Pasta Plus from Eugene

bake at 450 for 30 minutes…don’t worry if they looked a little burned…they are even more delicious if toasty

Cook the pasta, drain and toss with a few spoonfuls of pesto (DO NOT heat the pesto first) and then serve with some tomatoes arrayed on top, followed by some romano.  Tooooo good.   Here’s the real secret.  You know those horrible hard pink tomatoes you get in the winter?  This treatment makes even those delicious (use romas though).  No kidding.


  1. I love that kind of recipe. Will those small tomatoes like the ones I gave you work? I know that plum tomatoes would be better, but I would like to use my crop. I won’t make the pesto because I will be in Eugene this weekend and will try to find some fresh version.

    I will be at the beach next week. Would you make a follow-up tutoring session with George? He is so thrilled with this project, but sure needs a lot of your kind help.

  2. Any tomato, any size. They sell Pasta Plus at Roth’s in the deli section. I’ve been watching for George’s blog…Will contact him. Have some fun at the beach. xxoo B (the tomatoes were yummy!!!)

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