The Garden Studio Build: day 4

They were here about 9:30 this morning (which is early, given that they come from Rainier).  By 10:00 the shingles had started

and by noon they Kevin was finishing the roof while Dan worked on shingles

I went upstairs to sew about 1:30

and when I came down at 3:30 they were making progress!

Wayne’s the boss:

Kevin is a former roofer, works and hard and climbs like a monkey

Dan is a rodeo bull rider and moves gracefully, always carrying a level:

by the end of the day (5:00) the outside was done:

Tomorrow electrical inspector comes, Thursday the guys are back to finish up the inside.  VOILA!


  1. Still seems like an amazing mirage in the back when I look out every morning…looking forward to getting to work.

  2. Oooh. It’s the perfect thing for the backyard view, quite aside from all that will go on inside it. And they DIDN’T tear up the garden at all to build it. Give those boys a BIG tip!

  3. Absolutely great! And look how the hydrangia preens as if the entire endeavor was to backdrop its beauty…exactly right against the shingles. You will be there much more than 15 minutes a day!
    Good for you!

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