15 Minutes a Day…

I’m a big believer in 15 minutes a day…that’s how I got painting again in the mid 1990’s after a 10 year hiatus (and opening a restaurant…that slowed me down a bit).  Lately I’ve been looking at quilting blogs and have enjoyed Victoria’s 15 minute play.  I decided to head to the sewing room daily for a few minutes (wrenching myself away from the new studio a-building in the garden) and sew together left over squares from two baby quilts.  I bring them downstairs with me  and try them out on the “staging area” (otherwise known as the dining room table):



concentric diamonds (and I’m leaning towards this one):

What do you think?

These are left-overs from Sawyer Mack’s quilt (all old shirts):

and the pink one I’m almost done hand quilting made from a dilapidated wedding ring from Goodwill in 1980 that I reassembled this summer at Project Space 3

I can tell you this for sure…I’m DONE with pink and blue for awhile!!!  Yikes…


  1. I’m also a fan of that blog. In fact, Victoria is coming to visit over Thanksgiving weekend! I’ll get to spend the day with her on that Weds. Will share all. I’m going for the chevrons today, but like them all. LOVE your “restructed” (African American term) quilt!

  2. “restructed indeed…I got tired of it along the way, so it isn’t very big and I’ve got lots left for playing out in future projects…GREAT..this means we’ll be seeing you two on bumblebeans!

  3. but she always has Amy or Jane or the cat gal…bet she’ll have a post on meeting up with her friend nifty…

  4. Oh.. I love the term “restruted”!
    I love both the quilts. Old shirts are now two boxes full and I need to bring them out!
    Nifty,I agree with Bonnie on you not staying under cover for too long. That sweet V does talk about a whole lot! I am sure you can ask her not to.
    I see your name is out already! I read it every now and then…
    Good luck with staying under cover!

  5. and here’s the deal Nifty…we love you, we love your WORK and we like you out there. What a fascinating thing blogging is, no??

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