Actually I had this coffee on Thursday in Sellwood…not as professionally beautiful as stumptown, but good…just longing for it here on a gloomy Saturday morning…plus the need to post something that isn’t about the studio project…

We went to a terrific show Thursday at the Marylhurst Art Gym…their 30th anniversary show…which was all portraits of artists BY artists.   Sadly we didn’t get to this show until the last day it was up so I can’t pass the info on…just a few images.  There were drawings, paintings, and fantastic photos including Stu Levy’s terrific composites…here of Gordon Gilkey:

and this image of Henk Pander in front of one of his own paintings.  The Art Gym is aWONDERFUL space and has some of the best shows in Portland.  Check it out.

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