Went to brunch today at the Hands On Cafe at Oregon College of Art & Craft with the Widmans and the Munros, to see the beautiful new Charles Rose designed buildings at OCAC…AFTER a wonderful brunch, of course.  Our host:

and the three incarnations of Mardy Widman (who recently retired after 27 years at OCAC)

The food was incredible…omelet stuffed with poached pears and roasted walnuts, seafood soup, leg of lamb with poached egg on a bed of greens…hard to choose.

The new buildings are truly beautiful and Mardy gave us an excellent guided tour through the new studios:

design studio

drawing studio

deck that all the studios open onto

and the amazing separate building for the thesis studios…each student with their own small but excellent studio

simple, clean, beautiful, functional…excellent.  There were some little treats along the way…

the bottle gnomes for instance

and the metal fingers

the metal workshop which looked like all the little tiny workers had just stepped out for little tiny coffees, or something,

and a brief stop to look at some books…Richard, Harry, Sara and Mardy looking at a catalog

while RPH consults the book on Charles Rose

on the way out a quilting idea??

there’s ALWAYS a quilt idea…trick or treat!


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