Halloween was also the birthday of Juliette Lowe and every good girl scout, past and present, knows who that is!  Last night Irena invited me to her brownie troop meeting, along with some other “elders,” to talk with the girls about what we remembered about being girl scouts.  I told a few stories and brought my “badge sash” but Harriet Hansen had her old uniform, recently found in a box.  She had “her” brownie (her neighbor) put on the uniform and the hat, and I added my sash…voila!

These days girl scouts and brownies wear simple vests over their jeans, tights, whatever.  Here Francesca’s Grandma tells a few stories about her scouting days

at the end of the meeting we got in a big circle and joined hands…girls, Moms, visitors…right hand crossing over left…for the remembered moment in the friendship circle.  The leader said “we are all sisters.”  Indeed.