Went up to Bird’s Hill for lunch today and what a relief to have a little respite from politics and campaign ads and results that make us sad.  Martha has beautiful views and though it doesn’t show up in the photo, MT Hood was right in the middle:

Everything at Bird’s Hill is beautiful, serene, interesting,

including this wonderful Carl Hall painting she has in her entry:

The table was set in the most beautiful way

and Martha was cooking out of the new Ina Garten cookbook.  Here is Ina’s picture of the salad

and the salad Martha made (which was fantastic by the way)

Then Martha made her FIRST fritatta…roasted vegetable…fantastic

and again Ina’s fritatta

and Martha’s

then the dessert…made without Ina…Martha all the way, and delicious!

plus apricots in rose geranium syrup

After lunch we took a look at the hedges that Lori Hall sculpted so Martha could see her view of MT Hood…

Just as we were admiring her handy work, Ms. Hall dropped in for the accolades!  I, alas, returned to real life (but am keeping the TV OFF for awhile!)

Thanks for a great escape Martha, and a great lunch!

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  1. No TV so we haven’t had to watch all those ads but also sad about election results. Three steps forward, two steps back. Hopefully we’ll have three more steps forward next election and keep inching forward. What a lovely day and beautiful photos…a feast for the eyes.

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