Talking Heads…

Saturday was the day for artists talking about their work in Portland galleries…and we were on a fast track.

Arrived at Laura Russo in time to hear Marlene Bauer’s witty remarks about her own terrific paintings (go see the show) and then to see Martha Lee introduce painter Henk Pander (go see the show…same gallery!)

after hearing Henk we raced to Augen Gallery in time to hear George Johanson talk about his lively show (go see the show)

and I met a very nice person who reads the blog (HI Suzanne!)

and then we arrived at Blackfish in time to hear Barbara Black and Angela Pasalacqua talk about their show (and they share a studio space as well…)

after which I dashed across the street to pick up a little painting I bought of Eduardo Fernandez’

but by NOW we needed sustenance

before heading up the Gorge to the beautiful White Salmon

And a mojito with George & Jennifer!

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