The Garden Studio: The First Day…

On Friday I put three coats of finish on the floor…one every three hours..and by Saturday afternoon it looked like this

and then Saturday the “elves” arrived

and helped us move in all the stuff.  After sifting through the boxes and bags hurriedly packed when I left both the Annex and the cottage studio, I managed by day’s end to get the place pretty well set up…take a look

and here’s the view from the deck as R takes out the last load:

…tomorrow I go out there to go to work.  Thanks for your patience (and your encouraging comments!!)…the story is complete.


  1. It looks so wonderful! I’m so happy for you. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what paintings are inspired by this new space. (Also hoping I get to see it in person someday).

  2. Man-oh-man. How cool and really quick. As usual, you have done it in style. Make it yours by getting to work. Proud of you!

  3. We seem to be missing a photo of the view from the window corner down the long back wall of the studio. We who are enjoying the studio long distance would like to see what’s opposite the door 🙂

  4. You’re kidding right? I think I’ve posted a bit much on this project…back to coffees and random activities!

  5. A room of your own! So pleased you have made that happen. It is such a pleasing space …. may your juices flow there. Thanks for taking us along throughout the process.

  6. Excellent! Looks like its been functioning forever: bulletin boards layered, work hung, wastebasket full, all tools to hand.
    What a perfect space. When can we expect a show of work from in the garden, under the skylights? Enjoyed every bit of the documentary.

  7. omg! a sink! plus total kick ass beauty, as you are, my bonita chiquita–have so much fun it borders on illegal in that wonderful space~~~~~

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