MAD Chapter 2

It’s sooooo cold here today.  I went by the creek planting site this morning on my way back from the last Thanksgiving errands, and though all the holes were neatly dug, the planters weren’t there…too cold I thought:

but on our way to coffee we did a quick drive by just in case and found Luke and Caprielle working away planting:

the plant in the foreground is a nootka rose.  Additionally they are planting bald hipped roses, Oregon grape both creeping and tall varieties, and other plants.  Luke will send me a list and I’ll post it.  The original grant was  a small-water-shed grant from USGS applied for by Todd Jarvis at OSU.  Then Joe Bowersox at Willamette UNiversity applied to OSU for a smaller piece of the larger grant, for this project.  Luke and Caprielle said there is money to work on two additional sites nearby along the creek when this is finished.

Here is the Barquist house (which originally sat across the street from the planting site)…now nicely located in the Court Chemeketa Residential Historic District on Court Street.  Note the Pattons’ decision to raise the house up on a high foundation.  They also put on an addition to the rear of the house.

We got so cold we had to go get a coffee

and when I was taking the picture R said “We must be in Salem…”  indeed.

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  1. Cold here too, but it’s supposed to be. The planting is going to be really terrific – I guess we have to wait for spring. And the house is just lovely, raised elevation and all.

    Happy T-Day!! xoxo

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