Sweet Miscellany…

At the beach we sort of wander through a day and what happens, well…happens.  Today we saw this adorable small building looking like a combo of the old west and Amsterdam (tho destined to be a coffee drive-through I fear),

some deers wandering through a neighborhood of homes where nobody lives

trimming the wisteria

a bowl of chowder at Mo’s (and hence the view…)

a bike ride to the end of Fleet Street

a check on the new trail access into the wetlands courtesy of Urban Renewal

and the late afternoon sun on the fridge poems left by friends…

time for a bit of quilting

before a birthday toast as the last light fades…


    1. Thanks Sujata…this is the most basic of quilts, simple…but that glowing color is wonderful. I’ve hardly ever had so much fun quilting as I’m now quilting around all the twigs…kind if like coloring books from childhood. Totally NOT work!

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