Happy Birthday!!!

Today was R’s birthday and we managed to pack in QUITE a bit.  We left the beach early in a downpour

and grabbed a quick bite at Starbbucks

where we discovered the answer to the question “Where does Santa Claus really live…”

Answer:  Lincoln City…and he has coffee at Starbucks

Zoomed back to Salem to help Sara decorate the Bush House Christmas tree…an activity that ALWAYS puts me in the Christmas spirit.  Bush House, our local wonderful house museum, historic in this town in several ways…no plastic, no hype, no lights…just piles of greens and a fresh tree (cut this morning and brought straight in.)

The dining room is one of my favorite rooms and the mantle looked splendid

as did the view from the window into the park

fnished tree

lunch at The Wild Pear with Sara (now Bush House curator but a former student of RPH’s who still has the hand gestures down pat…)

a quick stop at the Mayor’s farewell bash where the art community thanked Mayor Taylor for her commitment to local art and artists

(Here artist Connie Hogenstad and gallery owner Marylou Zeek )

Finally a dinner at La Capitale with Ginny and Al (…and some ginger cake)

a shared birthday wish from cellist Hekun Wu, who was ALSO celebrating his birthday

and home to open his cards…including Claudia’s very nice offering

What a day…Happy Birthday Dear!!!


  1. Happy Birthday month Roger. From egg to famous art historian and more in one lifetime. You simply amaze. So happy to see you, Bonnie and Roger, at the DE May opening, as well as your adorable son.

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