Birthday Week, Day 2

The fun goes on.  A couple of days in the city with the first event being DE May’s opening at PDX Gallery.  An elegant strong show of beautiful work, sort of holds the gallery up to the light.

The show combines 2-d “template drawings”

with 3-d constructions…some using found objects

some constructions..both with Dan’s mastery of texture and muted colors

this one reminding us of our view of Belluschi’s Equitable Building (1944-48) out our hotel window

But the evening was young…on to dinner at Nostrana…

followed by a visit to the Blue Diamond Club (20th & Sandy) where Wednesday night Blues was in full swing…

The AMAZING singing of Karen Marie Capo with a host of players so good you could just hardly believe it…get down there next Wednesday (9 to midnight)!

We met Jim between sets.  He was playing Zeus

and while giving Amy, of our party, a few tips he inadvertently won $380!!!

On to Zach & Ashton’s to see their tree…

and open the last birthday present.  PHEW…this guy can celebrate!

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  1. As ever, Mr. May’s work is nothing less than sensational. I really wish I could see this one.

    And it appears that the old folks can still enjoy a few, and various, city moments. Thank God for birthday weeks. We are your students in this celebration, as in all things. Standing by for the next installment in your whirlwind week.

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