City Day…

Day three of the birthday week was a wandering sort of day…looking, maybe a little shopping.  In the quilting world people are always coming up with interesting things to do with scraps and the window designs downtown this season have some fabulous displays.  Here’s Anthropologie’s Christmas window and a FANTASTIC color display

Plus this shop up on 10th where the scraps are all bits of tee shirts (and the lamp shade is old slides)

…plus these GREAT piles of paper plates (also at Anthropologie

On our way to Powell’s City of Books we went up Oak Street and into Reading Frenzy

and the very terrific Counter Media

which deals only in graphic novels.  I wanted everything in the store, of course, but settled for only three items…THIS time.

After a wander through Powell’s…ALWAYS fun…we had a coffee

…which was not only beautiful, but good to the last drop…

Towards evening we walked over to the restaurant Gruner (527 SW 12th…I took no photos but it was beautiful and delicious) to meet friends, stopping at the Multnomah County Library to take a look at George Johanson’s terrific tile mural of downtown Portland

Today the sunrise looked promising…!!!  Off I go.

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