The Christmas Studio

I really have gotten the BEST Christmas present ever (and early)…my new studio.  Today was one of those Oregon days…dark, pouring rain…I mean POURING rain…ick.  So, I thought, what better to do than go to the studio.

(the building behind, by the way, is Legal Aid…not our house.)  This photo was taken about 3:00, which lets you know how dreary it was.  The GOOD thing about dreary days is how bright and cozy interiors look by comparison.  In the studio I have put up some Christmas lights for “atmosphere”…

and here’s my little garden studio shrine…

Cool thing is, when you look back at the house IT looks cozy and nice as well.

So, okay, maybe this is the UPSIDE of Oregon weather??


  1. Whenever folks seem surprised that I walk miles in our regular downpours, I am sorry they don’t get it–IT being that one of the great joys of life is to return home, open the door and be welcomed by its warmth and cozy familiarity…..I take off the soggy duds and curl up, safe and warm, with a cup of tea and a book.

    Please global warming, don’t make our “Rain, rain go away…..”

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