Wonderful Weekend Part 2: the Museums

One reason we went to Seattle was to see the Picasso show…a whole range of work remaining in his collection at his death.  All the museums we visited this weekend have changed their photo policy, allowing photos in the museums…but NOT (as you might have guessed) at the Picasso show…so all I can show you is the line of people waiting to get in to see the Picasso show at SAM…(luckily we had tickets and didn’t have the two hour wait).

The show was terrific..and would have been worth the wait even.  Lot’s of school kids visiting and asking GREAT questions (“THAT’S a head???)

One man in full kilts and Scottish regalia pushed a woman in a wheel chair and I tried to chase them down to ask for a photo but they eluded me…

Other rooms and museum moments included DISHES (hmmm…a new way to decorate the dining room?)

and fun things to do with socks

We headed to Cyclo for lunch and then on to the galleries which included several nice Alden Mason paintings (we had just seen a Mason show at SAM) including this one…

which reminded the quilters in the group of a quilt, and once we had the mind-set, EVERYTHING reminded us of a quilt…

so off we went to the Frye Museum.  The Frye is a little gem of a museum based around an early 20th century Seattle collection of figurative art.  The museum these days only shows figurative work, but almost always contemporary and thought-provoking shows.  Alas the new show opens next week so all we could see was the central collection.  Since THAT was the case, we bolstered ourselves with coffee (…and our “mood” was good…)

in the stylish little cafe with a “water view”…literally…

and then on we went.  At first I was determined to find an abstract, and DID succeed,

but moved on to a brief survey of skies…

Enough already….


  1. When we did the Picasso show in early December I was also really impressed with the school kids’ questions. They’d had some good preparation before coming, I thought. And I also really enjoyed the socks!

  2. My favorite comment was the little (3rd grade) girl in a plaid uniform…looking all around the gallery, arms folded. Then she raised one hand and began pointing…”naked, naked, naked, naked.” Around the gallery. Think Picasso would have liked it…

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