Wonderful Weekend Part 3: Quilts!

LeeAnn’s a quilter so on Saturday, after a bit of show and tell,

Sally arrived and the three of us went to work for the day.  LeeAnn’s sewing room is in the daylight basement and is large and accommodating, with 3 sewing machines on hand…her nice new Bernina and her Grandma’s Viking (“the good kind with the all metal parts…”) and…the old Singer featherweight…

Sally was working on a piece of machine applique for a class she will soon teach,

I made two more squares for my white-with-red quilt,

and LeeAnn labored on with the “eyelash”quilt, which will be beautiful…

It was a good day.  Sunday morning we said our goodbyes with many hugs and thanks for SO much fun, and headed down the freeway in the rain in time to arrive home and make some dinner…art, family, friends, good talk…nothing better, and then nice to be home.


  1. Wow! You were right. LeeAnn is really good.

    By the way, it looks as if there will be an official opening reception for the Capitol Art Collection on Feb. 1, at noon. They will be unveiling a James Lavadour painting contributed to the collection by the Ford Family Foundation. The details for the event are still up in the air. I will let you know when they come down to earth.

    Do you know of a good, but inexpensive caterer? To have eats or not to have eats seems to be one of the questions. I am going to ask the Capitol Foundation, at today’s meeting, if they want to contribute to the cause.

  2. Great posts! I’m still smiling from all the fun we had. What a great way to perk up in the midst of the winter doldrums. Let’s do it again soon!

  3. What a treat! To see all those beautiful quilts in one place.. SO much inspiration and creative energy in one room..Love your red and white blocks.. It is going to be so beautiful.. I can FEEL it!

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