Art Wolfe

I forgot to say that on the way into Seattle we picked my brother up.  He works for the nature photographer Art Wolfe so we stopped by the gallery on our way to Indian food…

Among my favorites are these images (poorly photographed by me…much nicer as made by Art Wolfe…)

This GORGEOUS temple/snow shot

Art Wolfe can make even oil slicks beautiful (these in Alaska, I think…)

and the colors in THIS forest are amazing

Being a bit nosy and studio-loving, we visited the space where the photos are matted, framed, shipped…it DID have that good feeling….


  1. Bonnie, so glad you remembered to send us these images. The snow-temple photo looks like a fabulous wood cut and the oil-on-water images are beatiful! (glad, somehow, that they’re not from the gulf)

    1. SueDel the photo is is gorgeous…the simplicity of the composition, the red…I kind of yearn to see it printed small…like a woodcut…but his prints are very large…and beautiful

  2. Oddly enough, I like the images of oil slick.. It reminds me of all the marble art I used to make in my free time with water-proof inks!
    Lovely painting of man reading the news paper. Something calming about the moment that is captured in the painting.

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