Another House Project…

Let’s take a very brief breather from the art world (not for long though…next up a visit to Tom Cramer’s studio…) to see how Zach and Ashton’s house came out (BEFORE the landscaping…).

When Zach bought the house it looked like this

and then last fall the work started on the project of raising the roof and making a squinchy attic into a new living space

during the course of the project they were “wrapped” for a couple of weeks.

and here’s the ALMOST finished (porch and planting to go yet) house

and the interior looked like it was going to be good from the get-go…here’s the sleeping area at the beginning…

and the end result…

and here’s the living/work area

and the REALLY nice end result

only the front porch and the landscaping to go!!!

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