It’s kind of odd what things bring a memory back, but one day I was thinking about being a kid in the Mid-West and walking home from school on a rainy day and seeing TONS of worms on the sidewalk.  Then it came to me that…like lightening…we don’t see that in the Pacific NW very often.  Well yesterday I saw a puddle of worms and then came visions of Highcrest School, my brown shoes with straps, the wondering about why the worms came out to die, etc. etc.  Not too deep, just a fleeting thought…but kind of a nice (tho a little nasty…) photograph…


  1. I had a strange worm epiphany on one of my daily 2-mile walks to work at Oregon Economic Development (which now has a new name), back in the 90’s. The innocent worms would slowly venture across the sidewalk after rains….and walkers would charge along without notice, footsteps crushing some and missing some.

    It seemed that life is like that–so unbearably random as we go on our daily paths, never knowing where the “footsteps of fate” will fall. A bit heavy, I admit, but my walks have always been for pondering such unknowables and this wormy dilemma has stayed with me long since my retirement 10 years ago.

  2. water, water, worms, worms…….we can’t know the entire picture but can feel the the richness of life forms growing on and depending on wet. great post, thank you!

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