Spring Walk Off…

I was looking at a favorite blog yesterday (Local Ecologist) and Georgia was talking about the Winter Walk Off challenge on Les’ blog  A Tidewater Gardener…start off on your own two feet, walk around your neighborhood and take some photos…of course I missed the closing date and season change (typical…) so instead of the Winter Walk Off mine became the First Day of Spring walk off.  I have to say it felt more like the winter walk off though…cold and rainy.  In fact the walk off was cut short by showers but it DID remind us that spring is on the way…check it out…here’s the little Word of Mouth bistro around the corner

and then off we go to the creek and back

it was beginning to look too adorable, and it was raining so we cut through the alley heading home for a view of one of the last basic, un-gentrified structures in the neighborhood



  1. Bonnie: thank you for the shout out and happy to read your (Spring) Walk Off. It is sunny here in NYC but cold. Hope your rain was a warm one.

  2. Thanks for the link, though I am sorry you did not make the post. I was trying to figure out what part of the world you live in, especially when I saw camellias grow where you are. It looks like your creek is one rainfall away from flooding. Thanks again, and I will be doing this next year, so maybe I can include you.

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