The Antidote to Worms…

I spoke to LeeAnn on the phone tonight and she suggested a few things I might want to put on my blog instead of worms…like quilts (secretly I really liked the worms…).  I’ve been sitting with my Mom this week quilting on the Gee’s Bend quilt I made in 2009 in Sisters…I LOVE the 50’s flame fabric(!!).  It’s coming along but not yet half done…slow but steady…

This winter I started a white quilt.  I really don’t use white much, so have resorted to various odd scraps and then turning the fabric over which in some cases has resulted is a kind of interesting look:


  1. I didn’t mind the worms… But I love the quilts! Thanks for the closeups of some of your near-white fabrics. Love it!

  2. Ah.. I was just thinking of your red and white quilt today! Yes.. it is nice to see your quilts here Bonnie!
    I know where to go when I make bears in future.. XOXO

  3. I got this piece at Value Village…a whole piece printed with the teddy bear/santa stuff. Most of the bright red squares are from the santa outfit part but then these wonderful little graphics about how to put it together…irresistible…and then the bluebirds of happiness…

  4. I liked the worms. Saw some — dead — on the sidewalk a couple of weeks ago when we got a lot of rain in NYC. Yes, worms in NYC!

    But I *love* your quilts.

  5. Wow! Your quilts are beautiful. I love the circular hand quilting on the Gee’s Bend. Such good memories of that and that “hot, hot” fabric. The white one really draws you into all the little vignettes. At first glance, I noticed those great red triangles. Thanks!!

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