Broadway Coffee…

Okay, I decided to give them another chance and the coffee I got today was delicious… but only “okay” in the pretty department (tho when she saw me taking the picture she said “Oh if I had known you were taking a picture I’d have made it prettier”…?) the place is cavernous but pleasant…it has a fireplace…

check it out.


  1. Ever since seeing all the beautiful lattes you get, I have been in search of pretty coffee. I have only gotten truly ugly ones. One I had last week was so bad I wish I had been able to take a picture. She scooped off excess foam, dripped large amounts of coffee and foam over the edges and left the saucer sitting in a puddle. She gave me that one free. I gave her another chance yesterday. She managed to keep it in the cup, but there was no attempt to make it pretty. The search must go on! You have inspired me.

  2. .Crema…28th and Alder NE, or ANY Stumptown…the stumptown M.O. is to make it beautiful in a paper cup and hand it to you without a lid on so you can appreciate it BEFORE you put the lid on and leave. Even more beautiful in a real cup sitting in the coffee place and watching the world go by. xo

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