Road Trip…Port Townsend

I took a little jaunt to Port Townsend this week for a good visit with old friends.  Of course the first place we went when we left town was…yes..the carwash…

and then a quick stop at TJ’s to get some pancetta and snap a spring photo

before heading north.  We stopped briefly to collect Vickie and check out her kitchen remodel which includes some shelves and cupboards she designed

and best of all she kept the old sink in her kitchen and tiled around it.

We pressed on for Port Townsend and I was thrilled with my iPad showing us the way.

We had a terrific elk burger (brought by Vickie…yum),

and discovered Port Townsend has good bread and cheese,

a beautiful downtown…

(and even though Karen is in Paris, we visited her sister Chris’ store “Summer House”)

…and…PHEW…Port Townsend has good and beautiful coffee (don’t miss Undertown Coffee if you go):

Linnea toured us through the somewhat amazing Fort Worden.  Now a multi-use park with much art, music and poetry going on, it is actually a decommissioned Army base (used in the film “An Officer and a Gentleman”) and has a few remnants of the old days,

creative re-use,

and great water views (in this case Admiralty Inlet on Puget Sound) with “downtown” off to the right and the wonderful Point Wilson light house off to the left.

The Lighthouse  (c.1880) sits on a point of land that views the Strait of Juan de Fuca as well as Puget Sound.

..and then we happened on a “collector”

Port Townsend, population about 9,000, has an AMAZING collection of wonderful Victorian houses I couldn’t have begun to really photo in 2+ days…you’ll just have to go take a look. Oh, and don’t forget to drivethrough the shipyard…

We talked a lot, laughed a lot and played cards…I didn’t win, but I DID get this draw:

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  1. Port Townsend is my birthplace and I was blessed to spend about a decade there in the 70’s/80’s when so many cultural/creative endeavors began: Centrum Foundation at Fort Worden, Wooden Boat Festival, a now-defunct garden tour. I am so pleased that you enjoyed yourself and it looks as though you had decent weather. Great to see you at the ‘Bon Voyage’

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