Road Trip #2…The Quilts…

As well as touring us around town, Linnea toured us through her family quilt collection.  How amazing to have things made by grandmothers and great grandmothers.  Treasures.

Here is Harriet Hartford, Linnea’s paternal great grandmother, pictured here with her grand daughter Ruth.  Ruth, about 2 in this photo, died at age 3.

and here’s the crazy quilt Harriet Hartford made…

complete with writing ON the quilt about the maker

Then there is the Dresden Plate quilt made by Linnea’s grandmother filled with terrific 1940’s fabric and hand quilted…(except for the black machine stitching she just HAD to do because she had a new sewing machine that would make that stitch)

and here’s the applique quilt I got to sleep under…

and then finally, here’s Linnea’s OTHER great grand mother Olivia Andersdotter Hokom (who came from Sweden), pictured here in her shawl with a piece of the shawl…the shawl she was wearing in the Chicago fire of 1871.


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