Mourning a tree…and DIY

My neighbors had a tree taken out today and it always makes me sad to lose a tree…now that I’ve attained a certain age and can never live to see them grow really big.  It was a walnut, covered in ivy, blocking sun fom other trees, but–habitat…there’s a LOT of livestock here in the central city.  SO.  A guy came this morning with saws and ropes and a HUGE chipper, and just started in…

and hours later when I returned home, the deed had been done:

Before and after:

But TOMORROW is DIY day.  R and Bill are going to put together the little shed for behind the studio.  Late this afternoon R got out the parts and began sorting them into piles…marking them step one, two, etc.

but check this diagram…phew!

Stay tuned…


  1. I always hate when trees are cut. It’s almost like losing a friend. I am glad they didn’t clear cut like our neighbors did last fall-not one single tree was left.

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