The Scroll Garden…

In 1928 Elizabeth Lord and Edith Schryver (Schryver on the left, Lord on the right)

opened a landscape architecture practice in Salem.  Both had attended Lowthorpe School of Landscape Architecture in Groton, Massachusetts…though at different times.  Schryver graduated first and had worked in NYC with Ellen Shipman for 5 years, but in 1927 they met on a 4 month European garden tour for alums of Lowthorpe.  They were so much in accord in their thinking that they decided to start a practice together in Lord’s home town…Salem, OR (Lord’s father William P. Lord, had been governor of Oregon).  They had connections.  They had talent.  They worked hard and with great imagination.

In 1935 they designed a garden for client Alice Powell who lived in nice Victorian house in Salem, Deepwood..and they called it the “scroll garden”…

Alice lived in the house until the late 1960’s and by the early 1970’s Deepwood belonged to the City of Salem.

Over the years the scroll garden became overgrown and sad

The city made the grass into a rectangle for easy mowing, and the beautiful iron fence was in disrepair with the fleur de lis all snapped off by vandals

In the late 1990’s Gretchen Carnaby and Ruth and Don Roberts began doing research on Lord and Schryver, founding the Lord & Schryver Garden Conservancy.  One of the many projects they took on was the restoration of the scroll garden and today…our ONLY sunny day in months…was the grand opening. And the garden looked wonderful, with the fence repaired.  Deepwood is a public garden.  Better go take a look at a living legacy.


  1. Our daughter, Julie, was married in The Scroll Garden in 1998. Thank you for adding to our appreciation of that lovely place which holds so many dear memories for our family.

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