Italia…the flip side…

I think maybe my discourse has been getting pretty scenic and adorable (and there’s more of that to come) so thought today I’d inject a note about modern Italy…so you can see that it is the combination of things that makes you love it so…the picturesque/the mundane.

If you’re looking for parking in urban Italy you look for the blue and white stripes…

There are interesting and often mysterious signs everywhere warning you about things:

When a building is being renovated they often post a gigantic life-sized photo of the building

Advertising is not sedate…(this one was in a city park)

Tourists need their favorite treats, in this case Pringles and “Coca” light

…and hey…what about those carabinieri???

Pigeons rule…

tee shirts are cool

Coaches are everywhere, sometimes with interesting names that leave you guessing as to their point of origin…

…this was a sentimental one for me…I went to NEW Trier high school…who knew there was really a Trier!? (…I did actually know that…)

Tourists love to take pictures of each other for their Christmas cards

…and other reasons…

There’s been a new invention to block off certain streets:

Graffiti is everywhere…

You can get a good coffee and a panini anywhere…


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