Lord & Schryver

Saturday there was a tour of Lord & Schryver gardens and it was the PERFECT day…sunny and warm (but not too warm).  We went first to Gaiety Hollow…Lord and Schryver’s home garden…the allee with the 300 year old oak tree was cool and inviting (though in spring it’s a riot of color),

the brick paths were lovely, and the gate…(they designed all their fences and gates)

this to remind you to visit the show, up until September 18th at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art in Salem…open every day except Monday…which includes drawings of this and many other gardens…

Next Wednesday, July 20th, Laurie Matthews…landscape architect of MIG in Portland…will talk about new evidence of the home garden found in two notebooks unearthed lately, and the work of Lord and Schryver in a regional and national context.  Laurie has written the Cultural Landscape report for the home garden.  It should be a lively talk.  5:30 in Roger Hull Hall at the museum at the corner of State and Cottage Streets in Salem.

Co-curator Sharon Rose and I will be on TV this Saturday on a show called Garden Time (12 showings on 6 channels) and we had our TV moment this week which was fun

And then we went for a coffee:


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