Some years, around my birthday, I’m cut free from my moorings…just floating.  The new year direction hasn’t kicked in…it isn’t orderly yet, anything could happen.  So I review the messages… Clean the studio… review the day: look at completed work: start something new… on line shopping??  (new lights) visit friends… (Kay Worthington’s “anatomy of an […]

A Sad Moment…

Today in the paper there was an article about the loss of the amazingly beautiful old oak tree in the Lord and Schryver home garden. One arborist thinks the tree might have been over four hundred years old, growing long before this area was settled…probably part of the oak groves that covered the Willamette Valley.  […]

“The Hollow”

Marie and I arrived pretty early at Gretchen and Denis’ beautiful garden…just in time to see the last baby flicker poke it’s head out…preparing to leave the nest… A few miles out of town, this garden is a refuge for birds and gardeners alike.  Take a stroll…start at the drive… The Carnabys have been gardening […]

Lord and Schryver

I hope between now and September 18th you’ll have a chance to visit the Hallie Ford Museum of Art to see an interesting show of the garden plans and watercolors of the landscape architects Elizabeth Lord and Edith Schryver, curated by Sharon Rose and myself. Lord and Schryver both attended the Lowthorpe School in Groton, […]

The Scroll Garden…

In 1928 Elizabeth Lord and Edith Schryver (Schryver on the left, Lord on the right) opened a landscape architecture practice in Salem.  Both had attended Lowthorpe School of Landscape Architecture in Groton, Massachusetts…though at different times.  Schryver graduated first and had worked in NYC with Ellen Shipman for 5 years, but in 1927 they met […]