Summer weekend…

Wow at last…a truly gorgeous weekend of sun and reasonable warm temperatures.  Just the perfect week for random activities.  The first annual seafood and wine festival organized by Fitts Seafood, and Santiam Wine Company.

We were pretty happy a few years ago when Fitts went into part of a defunct grocery store…glad to have them nearer and glad to have them doing a little creative reuse.  Then this year we were even gladder to see Santiam Wine Company move next door to Fitts, and the addition of another great sign:

This summer the electric car place left…

so the fish and wine folks “cooked up” the first annual Seafood and Wine Festival in the empty space.

Hey, wouldn’t a little bakery/deli be good here?  Oh yeah, I already had that idea back in 1991.  Well….

So on to the next event…a small croquet tournament in Fran and Kellie’s back yard to welcome old friends Dan and Helen just in from New York City (Winston & Norton actually live here…)

and the yard and garden were looking as good as the guests…

Kellie and Norton were planning the sleep out a little later…

oh yes…croquet was played…by the two Dans…

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