Simple Summer Squash Soup

This recipe came this week with our veg box from Dennison Farms and it’s really good.

Coarsely chop 2# summer squash, 1/2 onion, and 2 cloves of garlic.  Add a potato or two if you want a thicker soup (I did…)

Add 6 cups chicken stock (I used 8 c. broth and 2 extra potatoes so as not to have left-over broth) and bring to a boil, simmer 20 minutes.

Puree (I use a Moulinex Turbo Blender that tidily goes upside down in the broth and smushes it fast)  or use a potato masher.

Garnish with yoghurt or sour cream and cilantro or basil.  Here seen with Greek yoghurt and cilantro.  Easy, fresh, YUM.

Here it’s served with Tomato Garlic Bread (also YUM)

French or surdough sliced in half length-wise.

2 TBS. olive oil mixed with 2 cloves minced garlic.

Spread olive oil on both sides of bread, layer thin slices of tomato and top with a bit of grated Romano or Parmesan cheese.  Close bread, wrap in foil and heat in 225 oven for 25 minutes.  (I cut mine into bitable segments Before wrapping in foil so it was easy to grab and eat without making a mess…)


  1. Ummm, ummm, ummm! Even just the photos and discription are satisfying.
    As if we have shared the meal…which you have.

  2. Boy, do I ever enjoy getting your recipes….I get so bored with cooking and new recipes help to renew my enthusiasm.

  3. This one is a MUST. So easy as to hardly be cooking…I only used salt and pepper and the fresh taste was wonderful…Do try it.

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