Sketchbook Project

Nan sent me a link to the Sketchboook Project for 2012 and I decided to try it…the idea is fun.  So I paid my money and my sketch book arrived yesterday…it’s pretty dinky…take a look…here it is compared to the one I’ve been carrying around…

and there are rules…the most important one being that the book has to be filled and postmarked to the Brooklyn Art Library by January 31, 2012.  You also have to choose a “topic” and mine is “in 10 minutes”…though they say you don’t have to stick to it…but I want to.  People collage and paint and sew and cut and paste…one of the rules is that book can’t be more than an inch thick, and everything hanging out will be cut off.  Librarians don’t like stuff hanging out.  I’m sticking to just my pen…think I can make it nice enough.

When all the sketch books are collected, the collection goes on tour and next year it’s coming to Portland…and that’s where it seems interesting…my little boook, among thousand of other books, circulating around…I even have a barcode…and then off someplace in more or less perpetuity…you might want to join up…

I have a lot of drawing books of course, but this one won’t add to the mass as it will belong to the Brooklyn Art Library…


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