Kitchen Transformation!

This is ABSOLUTELY the last fix-up project for the year…and the LAST time we ever paint a kitchen…we sincerely hope….

Phil was out at the beach and had two extra days…we had left-over subway tile…the rest is history.  We’ve had the beach house for 20 years, the wall paper was old and stained then…the cupboards needed painting then…but, well, it was a beach cottage.  Over the years I painted on the cupboard doors and things got even more worn…a few “before” photos…

By the time we arrived on a Saturday, Phil had done the counter top and the tile, except for the grouting.

After grouting the next day and replacing the worn counters on either side of the stove with butcher block,

Phil said good bye and Roger and I went into overdrive…removing all the cupboard doors for painting, I then cleaned all the old paint off of the hinges while R set up a painting “station” on the driveway for the doors…

I meanwhile stripped the wall paper and washed the walls, painted the drawers, and then we both started in earnest on the walls and cupboards.  It was pretty much chaos

after a round of Chinese food, a good night’s sleep and a few aspirin, we finished it off the next day and have totally amazed ourselves…

So we made tomato sauce…all ready for the fall beach season now!!




  1. Most impressive!! What a fine result! Light and bright and welcoming.
    (Though the B. Hull original art cupboards are missed.) It makes some of my to-be-done projects that I’ve yet to do because I’m dreading beginning, seem a mere nothing.

  2. YOWZA!! Your hard, relentless work surely paid off – it’s so bright and cheerful and sleeeeeeeek! Ready for cooking and wine…and scotch! AND great conversations year round 🙂

  3. Love the counter top color. That was my second choice for a color when we built the house in Salem. It lost to a just slightly redder than terra cotta which matched the floor tiles better. I salute your industrious behavior. I keep thinking that I have lived in my house for fourteen years (a record for my adult life) and it must be time for interior painting, but then I think about all the things that would have to be moved…

  4. Oh my gosh! You must have been totally exhausted. But it is beautiful. No tomato sauce splatters on that bright white! lovely.

  5. Looks great, Bonnie! I am totally impressed by the energy level this took and then tomato sauce. You and Roger are amazing!

  6. Yikes! Ebb Street is now, officially, at full tide. Nice work, team – very nice work. We have some things we need to discuss when you are here….

  7. Boy-oh-boy! We were lucky enough to be able to stay in the beach house for several days this week. This improvement is so nice. Makes for a clean finish to the kitchen. The cutting board counters are brilliant and the color of the counter makes you smile. A very happy place. Nice tile work!!

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